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Deep integrative healing therapy in Toronto

Offering: Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Holistic Nutrition, Therapeutic Massage, Reiki Mastery, and Lifestyle Counselling

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Elana has worked in clinical practice for over 14 years. Her methodology is deep yet gentle and the results are profound. She targets specific ailments while supporting the entire body in healing and detoxification. She uses a variety of methods in her practice to create a unique and powerful treatment each and every time. Clients feel a deep sense of relief, relaxation and physical improvement often after the first treatment.

Elana is available for holistic treatment in
Riverdale or in your home or office.

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The Book: Aromatherapy for Sensual Living

Aromatherapy for Sensual Living: Essential Oils for the Ecstatic Soul is spirited and frisky full-color photographic guidebook on how to use essential oils in sensual, creative and curative ways. Aromatherapy for Sensual Living goes way beyond other encyclopedic Aromatherapy books and encourages the reader to savor the essence by imbibing deeply in aromatherapy in innovative ways.

Elana invites her readers to swallow nature’s sweet nectar, teaches how to use essential oils to anoint the body temple, make smoothies sparkle, give languid steamy massages, and deepen knowledge of the plant kingdom to expand bliss, heal and tease. This book is Aromatherapy as never seen before; educational, stimulating and a more than a little bit steamy.

Elana’s new book, Aromatherapy for Sensual Living, is now available at all major retailers and on Amazon.

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Book Reviews

This book includes the perfect blend (no pun intended!) of practical applications and detailed explanations. Millman writes with such passion and knowledge that I feel like I’m having a heart to heart with a close friend. If you’re like me and have very little experience with essential oils then this book is a fantastic introduction which tells you where to find oils, how to choose them, how to blend them and how to use them effectively! I loved the way Millman connects the oils to self-love and self-development. The playful and exploratory approach of Aromatherapy for Sensual Living has given me the inspiration to start experimenting with essential oils and connecting with myself!

~Morgan Ross
True to its name, “Aromatherapy for Sensual Living” takes the reader on a journey that is both sensory and sensual, combining stunning photography of Brazil’s lush tropical landscape with an amazingly rich, comprehensive knowledge of essential oils and their many uses. I found it the perfect introduction for a subject I have only begun to explore, and now feel inspired to experiment with further. Millman’s passion for the oils and her dynamic relationship with them come across on every page, treating her subject with both reverence and an unmistakably cheeky sense of humour. Impressive in its scope and depth, this book is not only a useful and practical guide for anyone who is interested in exploring aromatherapy, but a delight for the senses in its own right.

~Lisa Richter

This book has given me the courage to expand my sensual experience of the world…stepping beyond my trusty lavender oil! Millman details how to make *balanced* essential oil blends for different moods/needs/days/tastes, which makes that mysterious shelf of tiny glass bottles less daunting. After one scan through the book I found myself making more time for self care – including stopping to smell flowers and appreciating how many beautiful scents I pass everyday. I’m excited to try out the recipes in the book, especially the FOOD!


Aromatherapy Lifestyle Consultation

Are you yearning to learn more about the power of essential oils? Do you want to discover natural ancient perfume rituals to make your life, health and love sparkle? Do you want personalized attention and a custom “just-for-you” blend*?

I am now offering Aromatherapy consultations online and in person in Toronto Canada.

*Shipping is available world-wide. Please contact Elana for more information and for rates.

Elana worked with me to come up with personal scents for both my body and for my home. I’m a guy and hadn’t put much stock in essential oils, except to make my room smell good. She said of my personal scents, “this is powerful stuff, be careful with it,” then joked “men might just drop their pants when they walk in your door.” I laughed, until men started doing exactly that!  My sex life is better than ever and people around me ask “may I smell you?” Elana – you truly are a witchy woman!  
Leif M.

Brooklyn, NY

Elana pouring oils

Client Love

I’ll admit that I was a little unsure about the whole crystal/energy work thing. I just don’t really get it and I suppose the reason I gravitated towards food in my practice is because it is something I can see and smell and taste and feel on a physical level. Energetic medicine, reiki, crystals and the like- well, I wasn’t so sure… that is until Elana told me to come by her practice for a full on treatment.

I showed up, she did an intake (accompanied by a sweet cup of tea) and then I got on the treatment table. Some acupuncture needles, Reiki, aromatherapy and a careful arrangement of crystals around my head and down my chest, and then she left me for a little bit. I couldn’t tell you how much time passed.

When she came back to take the needles out and it was time from my mind to rejoin my body, I wasn’t sure which way was up. I was sublimely floating. Elana and I had a little chat and she wrote up the best prescription anyone has ever written up for me. I followed it to the letter and amazing things have been happening in my life since then.

~M. Telpner

I have nothing but praise for Elana. When I started to see her I was a mess. I had no energy and was always stressed. A sincere change of eating habits along with Reiki and Reflexology was exactly what I needed. I started feeling and looking better. She assessed my progress each visit and I always listened and followed her input. She taught me how to manage a healthy diet and showed me relaxations techniques. We worked long and hard with excellent results.

A few years later, I was diagnosed with cancer- things got really intense. She had me on a strict diet and said that there should be no need for any invasive treatment after surgery. That is exactly what happened. After the surgery, I wanted to see what committing to a wellness practice and dietary changes would do to advancing cancer. The doctor said I decreased the size of the tumour from the initial diagnosis from 4cm to 2.5cm after receiving treatment from Elana. I am now an earnest believer that what we put into our bodies does work. I have taken away an abundance of knowledge that I would have never known without meeting Elana.

—G. Beardwood

Elana is a very generous and gifted person who I feel blessed to have encountered in my life. A number of years ago, I was interested in trying reflexology and reiki as an adjunct to a naturopathic regimen to address a long-standing illness. I was only then starting to understand that my health issues might have an emotional basis as well as a physical one. My naturopath recommended Elana and I am so glad she did.

Elana has helped me to open up and “remember” a whole side of life and reality with which I had lost touch. She has brought a great deal of healing into my life, and a whole new perspective. She is knowledgeable, kind, loving, giving, and extremely good at what she does. I have had to make a move to a different province and Elana has continued to provide me with treatments as well as guidance as I continue my journey. I am very grateful for knowing her and would highly recommend her to anyone who is interested in the array of services she provides.

—Allyson O’Shea, Nova Scotia


Elana is available for holistic treatment in
Riverdale or in your home or office.

Please call or contact for rates and to book your time.