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If you grew in the 80’s, then I guarantee that you will know what I am talking about. Chia, right up there with Slinky has been burned into our collective consciousness by crafty advertisers. But wait, there’s more… I have attached a you tube posting so the others can sing along. It is irritatingly catchy.

Chia is more than a gimmicky grow toy for children of all ages. Chia is regarded as a superfood for super people.  Chia is an ancient Aztec, Mayan and Incan superfood used for thousands of years because of its valuable nutrient properties. It is sold in bulk or under the trademark “Salba”. There is also a sprouted ground variety that I love. You can buy it at a good health food store and in better grocery stores.

Chia is fairly tasteless so it is easy to add it to recipes for a quick, easy nutrient blast.  Here are several ways to use chia:

  • Sprout and put into a sandwich or chia pet
  • Soak and eat in a porridge, smoothie or as part of a dip
  • Use in your eyes for an eye treatment, excellent for eye infections, red eyes, irritation, allergies. Place 1 whole seed in each eye and leave it in. It will fall out in roughly 6 hours. This is a marvellous treatment for your eyes on an airplane when eyes tend to be dry.
  • As a face mask- grind, soak and apply for 20 minutes and wash off with warm water. Afterwards Use a few sprays of an aromatherapy hydrosol to moisturize. It is wonderfully nutritious for your skin and will help calm red, inflamed skin. Try it with 1-2 drops of Chamomile, Frankincense, or rose  essential oil for extra benefits
  • Throw a tsp. into your drinking water. It makes water plumper.
  • Make a pudding of chia, soaked, cocoa powder, maple syrup, rice bran powder, vanilla powder (fruit optional)

Chia is so valuable because it is so nutrient packed. It is very high in vegetarian source Essential fatty acids and less likely to go rancid than flax oil or hemp oil. Chia is a complete protein and very high in iron. It is an excellent source of perfectly balanced magnesium and calcium, it is a great source of vitamin C and has loads of trace minerals your body is literally dying for. No wonder Aztec warriors used chia before battle.

I find it amazingly energizing, clarifying and fortifying and notice a big difference in my digestion when it is part of my breakfast of champions.

Chia is incredibly mucilaginous, making it a wonderful aid for treatment constipation. When it is ground and then soaked, it is suitable for people with diverticulosis and IBS. I strongly recommend freshly grinding them in a clean coffee grinder and then soaking them. One of my clients made the mistake of eating chia without soaking them and called me a few days later in agonizing pain due to constipation. Two big cups of water later, she was better than new. The proportions for soaking are 10:1 water to chia. Another advantage of freshly grinding Chia means that it only takes about 3 minutes to get mucilaginous. If you are soaking from whole seed, it can take up to 30 minutes.

Breakfast of Champions:

  • Quinoa- complete protein, high in calcium and magnesium,
  • Berries or cooked fruit, depending on the time of year
  • Agave or Maple syrup- for yum factor
  • Cardamom, Cinnamon, Ginger because most people have cold invasion in their bodies
  • Maca
  • Rice Bran Powder
  • Camu camu powder
  • Soaked chia seeds
  • Vanilla powder on sexy days

Full and thriving for hours

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